Commercial Battery Services

Dealing with a weak battery can be easily avoided with the right amount of care. Special attention to this area of maintenance is vital to your vehicle’s health. Read below and decide if you are in need of battery service.

Your Battery’s Lifespan

Depending on the quality and grade, the lifespan of a healthy battery varies from three to five years. However, your driving habits impact these figures. A battery’s lifespan can dwindle through inactivity and short trips under 20 minutes.

How old is my battery?

Typically, your battery’s case should reveal a 4 or 5-digit code. The first digit points to the month when the battery was shipped from the manufacturer, (in alphabetic order, January is “A”, February is “B”, March is “C”, etc.). The second digit represents the year, (0 is “2010”, 1 is “2011”, 2 is “2012”, etc.).

When should I replace my battery?

  • Is the battery well over 5 years?
  • Slow engine cranks
  • No lights
  • Inconsistent ignition
  • Swollen battery case
  • Battery smells

Testing Your Battery

If you are still unsure that your vehicle needs a battery replacement, get it tested at Quirk Ram Truck Center. Let one of our Certified Mopar Technicians perform a full diagnostic, followed by helpful feedback. If our results show that you need a replacement, a Service Advisor or Technician will help you choose the appropriate battery for your vehicle.

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