Commercial Brake Services

It is important to know all you can about your brakes. Doesn’t matter if it is a work van or a personal truck… when you need your vehicle to stop – you need it to stop. And you don’t want to damage other parts of your vehicle when you make quick stops with worn out brakes.

Brake Services are a big part of automotive maintenance & driving safety. Not scheduling regular mechanical check-ups on your vehicle’s brake system, can potentially lead to serious safety concerns. If your car has worn brake pads or discs, it can cause damage to other more expensive components such as the rotors, drums & calipers which will ultimately cause car failure while driving. Be sure to service your vehicle at the regularly scheduled interval & take notice of any signs or symptoms of issues.

How will you know if you need brake services?

Two ways to determine when Brake Services are needed are distinctive changes in the performance of your vehicle or a diagnosis from your local technician or mechanic. Some common indicators are…

  • Shaky steering wheel while pressing on the brake pedal
  • Flashing brake warning light – bring your vehicle to a certified Mopar shop immediately
  • Grinding or squealing noises
  • Increased stopping distance

How do I know if I’ve received a reputable service job?

At times, searching for the “right” service center can be a tough decision. No matter where you go it is important to make sure the technicians have years of experience, accreditation, & qualifications. Also ensuring the shop provides written warranty/receipt when repairs are performed is important. Quirk Service Centers are backed by your vehicle’s manufacturer & our technicians have years & years of professional auto repair experience. Don’t forget to consider us for your next brake checkup.

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